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Jody DeSchutter

DeSchutter mobilizes a combination of established media in an effort to explore each practice without abandoning the methods and materials to which it is indebted.
She often employs a disruption to the picture plane or form creating a portal into the unknown, beyond the represented. Her work tends to be a reflection of this cyclic pursuit to allude to the abstract through the representational, to create a dialogue between that which we see around us and that which we imagine and can imagine. That which we imagine through this visual framework we are given and create; perhaps an entirely cyclic framework.

Born in Lake Country BC Canada, DeSchutter followed her nose to Victoria BC where she completed her undergraduate in Visual Arts December 2015. She has since moved to London UK.

Read her poem published by the Lake Country Art Gallery:

The Molecular Weight of Water


“In Between And Through” 

@Deptford Does Art London UK

Show runs October 10-13, 2019

Opening evening Friday October 11, 2019 (7-10pm) with live performances from BAG Sound Project