Cease Producing Stimuli Poster

Cease Producing Stimuli | Deptford X

25 Oct 2019 - 3 Nov 2019

Taking the festival theme literally, rephrasing the title and looking in depth at the lateral meaning of sense itself…Cease Producing Stimuli.

We bring together a collection of artists and performers to investigate the meaning behind these three words, they will ultimately fold in on each other and collapse and reform and collapse and reform with their inability to ‘cease’ or ‘stop’.

Festival Theme: Stop making Sense Stop Making Sense is the starting point for 2019’s festival, which looks to surreal, playful and unruly art as a disruption to our current political climate of hostility and division. The title is borrowed from Talking Heads’ 1984 concert film of the same name.

Location: Deptford Market Yard Unit 1 (under the carriageway ramp opposite the Taproom).

Curated by: Daniel Allison & Samuel Hailey-Watts

Essay by: Matt Carey-Williams




Fri 25th Oct

Charles Hayward

Al Fresco (Lia Mazzari, Sholto Dobie and Tom White)

Sat 2nd Nov



In Between And Through Poster

In Between And Through | Jody DeSchutter

10 Oct 2019 – 13 Oct 2019

Launch night: Friday 11th October 7-10pm (Performance by BAG sound project at 8pm)

DeSchutter mobilises a combination of established media in an effort to explore the spaces ‘In between’ and ‘through’. Using a culmination of familiar and unknown simulacra, DeSchutter’s practice celebrates the lack of singular origin or system and embraces paradox. Ideas and forms become cyclical acts, endless loops; the familiar becomes the unknown and vice versa. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Aware of the immediacy of portraiture or the domesticity of textiles, these works are interested in bridging such functions of understanding with the contemplation of nonsense, unknowing, or subjectivity. Self-consciously, these pieces converse with nothingness and play with a child-like wonderment. The portal becomes an overused symbol of attempting to access that which we do not know or cannot know and the resulting multi-‘truths’ carried by each viewer.

These uncategorised spaces (‘in’ ‘between’ ‘and’ ‘through’) tend to mimic her own self-doubts and hypocrisies, seeking to embrace transition and inform a forward motion. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

Born in Lake Country BC Canada, she received a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts in Victoria BC. DeSchutter now lives and works in London UK. Her work spans over spoken word, painting, sculpture, printmaking, tattoo, and community engagement.